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The FlamexOut Pro™ Blanket: The Most Reliable Fire Safety Device

The U.S. Fire department reports that there are about 358,500 house fires that occur in a year, resulting to about more than 2,695 deaths. That's around 982 fire incidents per day!

We can never be entirely safe no matter how careful we are as accidents may happen arbitrarily. Therefore, it is essential to be equipped and prepared for the worst. Make your home emergency-ready anytime, gear up with FlamexOut Pro™ Blanket.

Practical & Efficient Emergency Tool

Just like a first aid kit, the FlamexOut Pro™ Blanket is a practical first-response item that every home needs. Unlike bulky fire extinguishers or the fire alarm that needs maintenance and could fail anytime, the FlamexOut Pro™ Blanket is highly portable, easy to store, and will always be available in times of emergency.

Install it on the wall of your kitchen or office, stash it at your bedside, the glove compartment in your car or anywhere with easy access.

Why Choose the FlamexOut Pro™ Blanket?

Easy Tug & Cover Usage
Pull the tape down to release the blanket. Spread the blanket to cover the flames or wrap it around yourself and proceed to safety.

Highly Compact and Accessible
It's lightweight enough to be carried around anywhere and doesn’t take up space. Install it at fire-prone areas like your kitchen, near dryer vents, fireplaces; or in places you can easily reach, like your bedside and by the door. You may also include it in your camping pack or just in your car’s glove compartment for emergencies on-the-go.

High Temperature-Resistant
The blanket is engineered with flame-retardant fiberglass fabric that withstands temperatures of up to 1650°F / 899°C.

How to Use the FlamexOut Pro™ Blanket in Dousing Flames

  1. Pull tape down to spread the blanket
  2. Lay it over the flames until they are fully extinguished.

NOTE: If the flames are too big to control, prioritize escape and call fire safety authorities ASAP.

How to Protect Yourself or another Peron in Case of a Huge Fire:

  1. Pull tape down to spread the blanket
  2. Wrap the blanket around the body. Make sure the head and arms are covered properly without obstructing the line of sight.
  3. Carefully and swiftly find your way out the nearest exit.
What Users Are Saying

One thing amazingly great about this product is that the manufacturer paid attention to details such as how the blanket will unfold upon release. In a real fire emergency, time is critical so for it to unfold freely and instantly is a nice detail. It's all about safety so they must get it right. While I have not tested it on a real stove top fire, it’s just a comfort to know I could quickly grab it whenever there’s an emergency. The size is larger than I expected and comes out of the bag very quickly. It looks like it has good quality although I hope I never have to use it.

Matthew Parisien, CA

✔ Verified Purchase

I bought two packs at a very reasonable price; One for my kitchen, where a skillet fire can pose a problem, and one for my car, if I ever have to pull someone out of a crashed and burning car, this would be quite helpful. The size is enough to cover a burning gas grill, frying pan or even the back or legs of a person who was on fire. Thankfully I have not had to use one of these blankets, but the concept is a keeper.

Esther Rose, PA

✔ Verified Purchase

Bought this a few months ago, stored it under the kitchen sink and totally forgot about it until yesterday. One of my kids forgot about something he put in the toaster oven and luckily, I happened to walk in the room as it burst into flames. Our fire extinguisher didn’t work. I suddenly remembered the fire blanket and reached for it immediately. It was so simple and easy to use. I threw it over the flames and the fire was out before it spread. This blanket saves lives and every home must have one!

Willard Walsh, DE

✔ Verified Purchase


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