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No Supercomputers Can Beat The Speed Of This 11-Year-Old Calculating Space Trajectories

Surpassing human limits, Zack Brandt is the first ever human who defeated a working machine. Despite his learning difficulty, he can calculate space travel trajectories quicker and more accurate than any supercomputers.

Now at age 11, he is the youngest employee in a top science institution known to all.

A Rough Past

Zack did not have an ordinary childhood. He was constantly being picked on in school that even teachers had a hard time handling him.

It all started when he was trying to cross the street, he unfortunately got into a road accident during his attempt. Even though he survived, the incident scarred him for life and gave him a severe trauma.

Since then, he became slow, easily distracted and would also often distract other students. His parents brought him to seek help from a psychiatrist as his conditions worsened, but only to see him being diagnosed with ADHD.

Despite that, his parents never gave up on him. They tried everything from signing him up for an expensive behavior therapy program to hiring learning specialists, specialized tutors for ADHD students and taking medications.

But nothing worked…

Zack’s Parents Were Called In

His class teacher, Miss Abigail, discussed about Zack’s deteriorating performance and his distractive behavior to them.

But once she found out the underlying reason behind his behavior, she decided to help by tutoring him after school every day.

Miraculously, he started learning faster ever since then, absorbing all information without any difficulty.

“Somehow, I felt different during Miss Abigail’s private classes.”

“There was a scent in her office that seemed to help me with my focus.”

“My mind was calm and clear and whenever I went for classes, I just kept getting better.”

“Then the next thing I know, I aced my tests.”

– Zack Brandt

But Zack did not just score really well for his tests...

He also became the top scorer for Mathematics in his whole school, giving a shock to most of his teachers, including Miss Abigail.

“Looking at how drastic his improvement was”

“I decided to give him the bottle of oil that gives out the scent.”

“Hoping he’d gain calmness and clarity of mind at any place besides my class.”

– Abigail Forbes, teacher

Skyrocketed To One Of The World’s Renown Space Institution

Realizing his own strength and interest in Mathematics, Zack started learning additional mathematics, calculus and anything advanced by himself.

Not long after, he reached a new height again, winning first place in multiple national mathematical competitions and making another breakthrough after solving one of the world’s hardest math problem.

His achievements caught the attention of a neurologist from NASA, Dr. Clyde Barton and before Zack could even graduate from his elementary school, he secured himself a job in NASA!

A Discovery

As they began working together closely, Dr. Clyde noticed Zack would always bring a tiny bottle around. Being curious, he decided to ask about it.

“The scent allows me to have a better clarity of mind.”

“My tutor gave it to me, noticing how relaxed and focused I was in her classes.”

– Zack Brandt

Dr. Clyde knew it wouldn’t be that simple…

So, he asked for a sample from Zack and began studying its components in detail. As he expected, it was clary sage’s magnificent work all along.

“This ingredient is truly amazing.”

“It contains a powerful constituent known as linalool”

“That improves not just cognitive health, but also emotional health at the same time.”

“Linalool even has neuroprotective effects”

“That protects your brain cells from damage.”

– Dr. Clyde Barton, neurologist


As clary sage contains great potential to help struggling people to gain a sharp mind and focus, Dr. Clyde started working with his team to develop an enhanced solution with amplifying effects.

Using the steam distillation method, he managed to extract linalool from clary sage and combined it with resveratrol, a natural plant compound that is well known to improve overall cognitive performance.

He called it Braneo™.

“A human has around 450 different olfactory receptors and different olfactory receptors trigger different brain stimulation.”

“With just the scent of clary sage itself, up to 284 olfactory receptors will respond.”

“It acts as a catalyst that stimulates the olfactory bulbs linked to the cerebral cortex and activates different parts of our brain for better focus and attention.”

“Braneo™ not only provides focus, but also improves one’s mood and cognitive function.”

“One of the most nootropic effects of Braneo™ is enhancing cognitive processes”

“Such as prolonging attention span, improving memory capabilities and speeding up any learning process.”

“With linalool present, Braneo™ can balance your hormones during a stressful situation, allowing you to be cool, collected and ready to face any challenge.”

“Boosted by resveratrol’s properties, Braneo™ will improve your cerebral blood flow, speed up responsiveness and sustain your performances up to another level!”

- Dr. Clyde Barton, neurologist

Zack’s Mission To Help Others Like Him

To test its effectiveness, Dr. Clyde tested Braneo™ with 900 volunteers including Zack and 93% of them returned with significant positive results which they reported a boost of clearer judgements with an accurate and faster brain processing speed.

“I was surprised Braneo™ delivered better results than the one Miss Abigail gave.”

“In the past, all I had was a clearer and more focused mind.”

“But now my thought processes are sharper, faster and more accurate than they’ve been.”

“I knew this was going to help a lot of people.”

– Zack Brandt

So, Zack purchased few boxes of Braneo™ from Dr. Clyde and donated to the National Association of Learning Disabilities, hoping more would be able to overcome their struggles just like how he did.

360,000 People Around The World Have Experienced A Change

Ever since the official launch of Braneo™, young learners have scored better in exams and senior employees could get their work done more efficiently.

Are you ready to be one of them to receive these gifts?

Anything is possible as long as there’s hope.