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Single Dad Makes A Drastic Life Change After Getting Stuck In Car

It all went down at a car dealership one Sunday morning. Anthony was picking out a car for his daughter’s sweet 16.

He had eyes on a beautiful hatchback. Approaching it, he quickly realized that the car appeared smaller than it seemed. Still, Anthony thought he’d give it a spin.

He struggled to fit in the driver’s seat. But somehow, he still managed to wiggle his way in.

Soon After, The Unthinkable Happened

Try as he might, he just couldn’t get out of the car. His bulging belly was pressed against the steering wheel and even with the driver’s seat pushed all the way back, he was trapped.

Suddenly, sweat ran down his face. He felt the walls closing in followed by chest pains. Before he knew it, everything went black… Anthony woke up later in the hospital.

“You’re lucky to have survived a heart attack.”

“If the paramedics got to you seconds later, you would’ve died.”

“The thing about obesity is that the risk for heart attack increases tremendously.”

“Please take caution – you may not be so lucky next time.”

– Dr. Jenkins

The Wake-Up Call Anthony Knew He Needed
He recalled the last time he was ‘normal’ sized. It all began 5 years ago after losing his wife to cancer. Having to come to terms with losing her and becoming a single dad all at once hit him hard. So he found solace in comfort eating. That was his way of dealing with grief.

Ever since then, food has been the only thing that made him feel better. But he soon realized it was only temporary. That’s why he had to binge eat until eventually, it took over his life.
I Cant Live This Anymore

Anthony began trying all sorts of diets: Atkins, Paleo, Keto, Jenny Craig, Weight Watches, Nutrisystem. The pounds still wouldn’t drop so he started working out at the gym. But it still didn’t work!

Dejected, Anthony decided to give up. Depressed, he went back into his binge eating habits.

A Glimmer Of Hope Emerged
At his 6-week follow up appointment with his cardiologist, Anthony shared his struggles to shed the pounds. That’s where he was recommended to Dr. Roland, a bariatric physician. Dr. Roland then introduced him to Relivea™.

“Relivea™ is an ongoing clinical trial that is developed by my team with the goal of revolutionizing how people keep their shape in check. The idea behind it is simple yet effective. Just stick it onto any body part that needs downsizing. The natural active ingredients infused will work its way to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and break down stubborn fat ensuring maximum inch loss efficiently. The best part is that it can work independently, without exercising.”

– Dr. Roland

It Sounded Too Good To Be True

Anthony doubted that it would work but tried it anyway. Incredibly, the pounds started to shed.

In just 1 week, he lost almost 25 lbs. Within a month, close to 90 lbs were gone. 2 months on, he successfully lost a total of 185 lbs! He eventually needed a change of wardrobe as they all became too big for him.

The Ultimate Life Changer

Anthony couldn’t believe how this little stick on has turned his life around. He eventually headed back to the car dealership. After all, he had unfinished business there.

He spotted the same hatchback car from months back. This time around, he glided in the driver’s seat effortlessly. Recalling how far he had come, he couldn’t help but cry tears of joy.

Anthony even personally drove the car back, just in time to surprise his daughter on her sweet 16.

“Even though the car is pretty sweet, the best gift I got is my dad’s health.”

“Knowing that he’ll be here for me for a very long time means more to me than any car.”

– Anthony’s daughter

Anthony’s inspiring weight loss journey is one of the many success stories of Relivea™. You could just as easily be a success story of it too.

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