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Human Medical Encyclopedia: This Stranded Hiker Performed A One-man Surgery On Himself

Dr. Ervin was a former surgeon known for his pinpoint accuracy; a legend amongst his peers with no failed case on his record.

However, even he is no exception to the toll of time. After 30 straight years of constant stress and pressure, his health soon suffered because of it.

He ended up retiring early at the age of 52.

“It was getting harder for me to focus during surgeries. Oftentimes the stress would even make my hands wobble. Sooner or later, I knew accidents will happen if I let it continue.”

“So, it was a choice between a patient’s life or my retirement. Sadly, I chose to resign from the medical world.” 

- Dr. Ervin

Desire To Live

Despite his condition, he refused to let it slow him down in life. So, in an act of defiance and to keep his brain active, he took up hiking as a new passion.

Teamed up with a small group of adventurers, he started hiking on exciting terrains and trilling landscapes; from the snowiest of mountains to the deepest of forests.

They were the conquerors of the wild, attracted by the scent of adventure.

Nature’s Fury

Until one faithful day, when what seemed to be a typical hiking trip turned disaster; a thunderous storm struck and unanchored the forest floor.

It ended up spawning a massive landslide above the team and washed them away along with trees and debris

When it was finally over, Dr. Ervin reemerged from the mud only to discover that his leg was twisted and swollen. Unable to move an inch, he was forced to stay and set up a temporary camp.

After making a campfire out of a crumbled tree nearby, he waited for rescue.

Moments Of Clarity

As day turn into night, the pain slowly subsided from his leg and he could finally relax again.

“All the stress really messed up my mental. I remember having my whole body shaking uncontrollably, like a small animal trapped under the rain. Yet, after an hour of collecting warmth from my campfire, my mind suddenly feels at ease like I was once again in my prime during my medical years.”

“Knowing that help might take days to arrive, I started planning my escape. And despite being unadvisable, my confidence was high enough at the time to perform a self-surgery. After some time of preparing the medical kit, I made the first cut.” 

- Dr. Ervin

Through flesh and bones, he repositioned the broken parts together. It took him a grueling 2 hours but it was complete and he was limping once more.

Using wood from the same tree, he created a make-shift walking stick and began his search for his teammates.

Luckily, they were eventually found and not to be in serious conditions.

Better Than The Rest

After a while of nursing his team back on their feet, a rescue chopper finally arrived.

“When I first saw them descending down, my body just went limp. Filled with relief and happiness, I was carried up to safety.”

“However, once they got rid of my walking stick, my mind became distorted. All the anxiety and stress of what I went through came flooding back. Thus, I insisted on keeping it as a way of temporary remedy and luckily, they allowed it.” 

- Dr. Ervin

Once he reached the hospital, the doctors were shocked at what they saw.

“Amazingly, his self-surgery was more than a success, it was perfection, with some areas better than the work of a team. His leg was already in the stage of recovery before coming here.”

- Welton, local doctor

Remembering Magic

During his resting period, Dr. Ervin kept wondering about the whole incident; especially how calm he was while doing his self-surgery.

“At first I thought it was just pure adrenaline that saved me, but then I recalled how relaxed I was during the rescue, and how my mind crumbled when the stick was taken away.”

“Which led me to investigate further into the wood I used. I remembered the aroma from the fire kept lingering around me. It somehow made me feel calmer and more assured.” 

- Dr. Ervin

In hopes of uncovering the mystery behind the scent, he decided to further investigate into the wood.

It turns out, his survival and calmness were all thanks to a Eucalyptus tree. However, it was no ordinary plant that saved him.

The trail that his team had travelled was untouched by civilization, enabling the trees to grow to its full potential without human intervention. As a result, all of them were rich in nutrients with soils being the ideal medium for any life to grow.

It was found that the wood had tons of stress relieving properties, which contributes to his better mental state and pain management.

Science Behind Genius

Realizing the potential yet doesn’t wish to exploit the forest, Dr. Ervin assembles a team of scientists to develop a better version of the scent.

After months of trial and error, a prototype was finally created. With the first volunteer being his former co-worker Dr. Edward.

“It’s works like magic! I have never felt so focus in my entire life. It was like living in slow motion, every detail was clear as day.”

“A doctor’s working hours can be rather hectic, but after a few drops of the oil, it felt as though I was re-filled completely.”

- Ellison, former co-worker

“The oil contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemical, called 1-8 Cineole, this allows for the brain to better manage pain, leading to reduced discomfort in the nervous system.”

“In addition, the scent itself also help stimulate our senses as well, allowing for better mental awareness and energy. That explains how I was able to keep myself calm and collected.” 

- Dr. Ervin

Within a year of development and hard work, Cinzen™ was born; with results that shocked even Dr. Ervin himself.

“The main reason for my retirement was because of my inability to focus, along with wobbly hands, it was a recipe for disaster. But now armed with Cinzen™, I can finally reclaim my position! This time as a neurosurgeon, solving issues where accuracy is number one.”

 - Dr. Ervin

Soon, Dr. Ervin went back to his roots and continued his track record of successful cases and treatments; leaving no patient unattended.

Eventually, he would even mastered keyhole surgery where he could operate his patients without the need for large incisions.

Normally it is something doctors would avoid to not risk any accidents. But that simply does not apply to Dr. Ervin with his new machine-like accuracy.

One Of Thousands

However, Dr. Ervin is just the first miracle story made by Cinzen™. With 97% satisfactory rating, Cinzen™ managed to gain over 90, 000 happy customers worldwide within its first few months.

This is what one of them have to say about their experience.

“As someone who just got into an engineering college, my schedule can be quite packed with countless assignments. I often found myself staying up until 4am just to make good progress on them, all while having to wake up at 6!”

“But after using Cinzen™, my mental had never been more awake in my life. I started focusing more on my lectures, memorizing every detail without the need for notes, eventually going through my entire degree within just 2 years! All while attending parties and social events.”

– Neil, valued client