Cinzen™ - Harmony Sloane

Unlock Your Mental Limit

Our intelligence is the main identity of the human race, enabling us to achieve wonders in the world: from building houses to inventing a whole new mathematical solution that saves countless lives. However, oftentimes we are limited by countless factors that don’t allow for our full potential to shine. Be it stress, the environment or even time; our brain and emotions are constantly thrown into a loop by things we can’t control. Yet humanity strikes back!

Introducing our latest creation of wit, Cinzen™! With our top scientists working hours on end, this new technology is designed to free our brains from mental chains and limitations. Say goodbye to brain fog and blockages, embrace the free flow of clarity.

Secret Behind Cinzen™

Using carefully conditioned and well-maintained Eucalyptus trees, Cinzen™ is able to harvest its essence into an oil form with an enhancement of 1-8 Cineole. Alongside its signature sharp and alluring scent, Cinzen™ can aid in stimulating the nervous system through the nose which enables better mental awareness as well as extra energy throughout the day. No more daily need for caffeine and energy drinks.

1-8 Cineole also allows Cinzen™ to own its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. By opening up air ways and increasing blood flow towards the brain, the mind would be able to manage pain and stress easier than ever before. All with more focus and fewer distractions.

What Cinzen™ Offers

Enhances cognitive abilities

Sharpens awareness and attention span

Upgrades brain reaction speed

Increases memory storage

Boosts calmness and sleep quality

Reduces stress and mental fatigue

Application Tutorial

Clients’ Vouches

Laura Kline, OK

As my company’s only accountant, I’m responsible for a lot of financial data and information. Sometimes it can get extremely hectic and confusing. Eventually, I knew it was going to catch up with me and affect my health, but luckily, I stumbled upon Cinzen™. It’s like a brain refresher that I never realized I needed. Ever since then, my mind has never been clearer than ever. I stopped feeling constantly stressed while my performance shot up through the roof! Brain fog no longer affect me too.

Alford Collins, AL

A lot of people told me to always try to save- up so you can have a good retirement plan. But now that I’m in my late 80s, how can I even live the rest of my years while having the memory of a goldfish? I couldn’t even remember my children’s names! But that was until I allowed Cinzen™ into my life. After only a week of using it, I was finally able to recognize my family without the need to make a fool of myself. I can now spend my life making memories that would last even longer than myself! No more sitting at home reliving the same days without thought, thank you Cinzen™.

Amber Pugh, CA

After finding out I had bipolar disorder and ADHD, I thought my college life was over. I often find myself going through various mood swings and the lack of focus was starting to heavily impact my results, almost failing an entire semester. However, after Cinzen™ came into my life, all my troubles suddenly disappeared! For once in years, my mind was finally quiet and calm. I was in control of my own mood which led to me to unlock my potential and start scoring my exams more often. I was cured of conditions I thought could never be fixed. With Cinzen™, I guess miracles do exist.


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