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Ice Woman Survives Near Zero Temperatures With Just One Piece Of Clothing

Thursday, December 24th, 2020 | Liz Michaels, Senior Editor

Megan Atlas is known as the Ice Woman noted for her ability to withstand freezing temperatures.

“People say I’m nuts to go out without a coat in near zero weather.”

“But this kind of weather is nothing for me.”

“It feels like a spring day back in Minnesota.”

– Megan Atlas

People on the streets are confused by her winter dressing or lack thereof.

“It’s freezing out here!”

“I’m bundled up in 5 layers and I still feel cold.”

– Cole Norris, Passer-by

So just how exactly does Megan brave close to zero temperatures with only ONE layer of clothing? Read on to find out how one man’s innovation changed the game for thermal wears forever.

A Revolutionary

Jeff Fleming is a textile engineer. He works for one of the leading technology and manufacturing companies in the U.S. Like most Americans, Jeff also isn’t a fan of winter.

“I can’t stand the cold.”

“Having to wear heavy layers just to go outside.”

“It’s both time consuming AND bulky.”

“Not to mention, I still feel cold even after layering.”

– Jeff Fleming

This Sparked A Sudden Realization

Jeff was convinced that current base layers were inadequate for winter season and this needed to change. So he assembled a skilled team of international engineers and designers and began to look into base layers that were in the market.

After doing a thorough research on several high-end brands, here’s what they found…

“Clothing manufacturers use materials that help with warmth but only to a certain extent. This renders it ineffective, making you pile on more to keep warm.”

“But little do people know, thickness is not synonymous with warmth so you can still shiver under all that clothing. Turns out, staying warm only boils down to one thing: The right quality of material for base layers.”

“Generally speaking, the most common material used is wool. However, even the most branded labels are made of lower quality material. But because people have a strong perception of the brand, they’re willing to buy it even at a hefty price thinking that they’re getting high quality apparels when in fact, they’re not.”

– Jeff Fleming

On A Mission

With the data gathered, Jeff and his team set out to design an ultra-thin base layer which doesn’t compromise on warmth. That’s how Sterra™ was born.

“We knew from the get-go that our creation had to be different from the rest.”

“We weren’t about to create an ordinary base layer to be put on the market.”

“Instead, we wanted to revolutionize the experience of winter altogether.”

“By tackling 3 main issues when it comes to winter season.”

“The inevitable cold, bulk layering and winter gains.”

“However, this task translates into complex technical requirements.”

“So we decided on a highly specialized textile that can accommodate to our needs.”

– Jeff Fleming, CEO of Sterra™

Sterra™ is integrated with Advanced Material Science (AMS), a technology adopted from aerospace to create spacesuits to withstand sub-zero temperatures due to its superior heat retention properties. They feature tiny micro pockets in the fabric that forms a protective insulation layer which traps 10 times more hot air compared to wool. This is effective in blocking the cold air out completely allowing you to keep warm and toasty while you go about your day.

The first of its kind in a pair of thermals, they’re dubbed as “smart” clothing. They regulate your body temperature by controlling the thermal properties to adapt to your body and its surroundings and shuttling just the right amount of heat to and from the body. This ensures that your body is always at the perfect temperature.

Sterra™ also features the intelli-stretch technology, a highly durable and lightweight two-ply fabric consisting of elastic fibres which stretches indefinitely to give a snug fit.

The compression provides a micro-massage effect through gentle pressure to your body, promoting blood flow and boosting metabolism. By the end of winter, you don’t even pack on the pounds. In fact, you can even see a drop in the digits on the scale so you can say goodbye to winter weight gain as long as you have these thermals on.
Sterra™ Received Many Nods Of Approval

After rounds of testing and patent approvals, Sterra™ has finally made its debut to the public. Within just 2 months of launching, it has been selling like hot cakes!

Here’s what people have to say about Sterra™…

“It snows heavily where I live.”

“All my life, I’ve only known how to layer up for winter”

“But I still end up shivering.”

“I was immediately intrigued by Sterra™.”

“How could a material this thin be enough to keep the cold out?”

“I tested it out and was taken by surprise.”

“True enough, it kept me warm and toasty.”

“Enough for me to brave the frigid cold outside.”

– Francis O’Connor

“It gets so cold during winter that I refuse to go outside.”

“I hate having to layer on just to keep warm so I’d rather stay home.”

“I guess that’s why I tend to gain the most weight during this season.”

“After trying out Sterra™, I’m convinced there’s nothing better out there.”

“It kept me warm enough to layer on at a minimal.”

“The best part is, I dropped 10 pounds by the end of the season!”

“This is truly everything a base layer should be and more.”

“Now, I look forward to winter every year.”

– Renée Graham

Due to popular demand, Sterra™ is running low in stock. Suppliers are trying to keep up with the surge this winter so hurry and get yours now!

Don’t let the cold put a freeze on your daily plans. Survive plummeting temperatures with Sterra™ and make your New Year’s weight loss resolution a reality.