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Meet the remarkable elders of an isolated Amazon village, living beyond 100 years

These tribal villagers have lived in isolation for over 2,000 years deep within the Amazon rainforest. They call themselves the Matsés people, and have stood the test of time deep within the harsh Amazon despite not having access to modern medicine, all thanks to their ancestral teachings.

They were first spotted in the most remote part of the rainforest by passing drones. Investigators were sent in to make first contact with them, but when they saw the Matsés village, they were stunned.

“Their village was way bigger than we expected.”

“Compared to the others we found, this village was massive with over 350 villagers.”

But something else stood out to the investigators:

“There weren’t only young people here.”

“Other villages usually had people aging in their 50s at most.”

“But here, many reach their 80s, with some even hitting a century old!

“And they were all still strong and full of energy…”

“Despite living in the harsh wilderness.”

 – Lucas Prado, Anthropologist

As news about this discovery spread, people from around the world began travelling here to learn about their way of life.

Unravelling The Matsés Way Of Life

One such person was Dr. Jacob Powell, who was sent in to evaluate the health of the natives and provide medical aid if needed. But after arriving, he didn’t find a single sign of sickness among the Matsés villagers. On the contrary, they were extraordinarily healthy and fit.

“It just didn’t make sense to me!”

“They didn’t even have a doctor in their village.”

“But this village is filled with ‘SuperAgers’ who somehow don’t get sick.”

“Reaching old age without diseases, pain, or problems like dementia.”

“I’d never seen anything like it before.”

 – Dr. Jacob Powell

Dr. Jacob was even more shocked upon closer inspection. After conducting tests to learn more about their physical condition, he found that the Matsés ‘SuperAgers’ in their 80s and 90s somehow had arteries as healthy as a 30-year-old American’s.

This was when he realized that he was on to something potentially groundbreaking, and became determined to find out what it was.

Wisdom From The Amazon

With the help of an interpreter, Dr. Jacob started asking around in the village, finally meeting a villager named Beto Matsés. Beto was the son of the previous village chief, and had the answers that Dr. Jacob was looking for.

“Surviving this deep in the Amazon wasn’t easy for our ancestors, many of them didn’t make it.”

“But over the centuries, our medicine men studied the surroundings.”

“Learning about the healing powers of the Amazon’s herbs and plants, and experimented for over 2,000 years.”

“Finally creating a blend of herbs and plants, which they discovered would keep the body strong.”

“Handing down this knowledge down as a practice called ‘akna’.”

“Where herbs are mashed into a paste and applied to the soles of our feet, because it has the most pores, and can absorb the mix best.”

“To this day, ‘akna’ has kept our bodies strong and healthy.”

 – Beto Matsés

Ancestral Teachings And Natural Healing

Dr. Jacob was skeptical at first, but after a week of experiencing their lifestyle, he felt the healing power of those herbs for himself.

The fatigue he got from sleepless jungle nights just melted away, and all the aches and pains from following the villagers around just disappeared. Dr. Jacob became convinced that this would change modern medicine forever.

So he learned all he could from Beto and the other medicine men.

“There are hundreds of herbs and plants in the Amazon, each with their own unique healing ability.”

“But the Matsés medicine men spent generations testing each one, determining that the herbs with the greatest effect was the cat’s claw and lapacho, which are used in the blend.”

“They’re both effective anti-inflammatories that help improve blood circulation, packed with necessary vitamins like B and E, which strengthens the body.”

“The Matsés people have used these remedies for generations, and unlike modern medicine that relies on quick fixes like pill popping, which damages the body in the long run.”

“These remedies create a strong body that resists sickness on its own.” 

– Dr. Jacob Powell

Dr. Jacob knew this discovery needed to be shared with the world, but the traditional method was too impractical for daily life. So he teamed up with other medical experts to modernize it, finally creating a foot patch they called Ziraa™.

Modernizing Their Ancient Method

Dr. Jacob explained how exactly Ziraa™ helps strengthen the body:

“Modern living puts a lot of strain on the human body, from overly processed food, to pollution in the air.”

“Over time, this clogs up our veins and arteries, weakening the body and leaving it susceptible to a multitude of problems.”

“Ziraa™ is infused with the healing power of Amazonian herbs, and when absorbed through the soles of the feet, it fortifies and detoxifies the body of bad cholesterol and toxins.”

“Allowing for better blood circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.”

”Providing exactly what it needs for a strong immune system in order for you to live a pain and disease-free life.”

“All in a convenient patch containing over 2,000 years of medicinal knowledge.”

 – Dr. Jacob Powell

Gifting The World With Amazonian Healing

In the first clinical trial, Ziraa™ was brought back to the Matsés people for approval.

“I couldn’t believe it, this patch made me feel reenergized and brand-new.”

“It had all the healing wonders of our herbs packed into it…”

“And was even more powerful and convenient than our traditional method.” 

– Beto Matsés

In later open trials held across the country, over 96.8% of participants reported drastic health improvements in just a month!

One such person was 63-year-old Patrick Howard, a coronary heart disease patient.

“I first saw my doctor about a pain in my chest.”

“He told me that my coronary arteries were almost completely blocked.”

“And that it was only a matter of time until I got a heart attack.”

“He gave me a recommendation to join this trial, so I used Ziraa™ for about a week, and it really did the trick.”

“I stopped getting chest pain almost overnight, and I felt great!”

“When I visited my doctor again, he said my arteries were completely clear, without a sign of the clogging that was there before.” 

– Patrick Howard

Dr. Jacob Couldn’t Be Happier

“The visit to the Amazon was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, not just for me, but for everyone in the world.” 

“It opened a door to understanding what these ‘SuperAgers’ have, giving a new meaning to healthy aging.”

“And it’s all thanks to the hard work of the Matsés healers.”

“In honor of that, 75% of the proceeds from the Ziraa™ patch will go towards the conservation of their ancestral land.”

“To replenish the forest of harvested herbs and protect the Matsés way of life.” 

– Dr. Jacob Powell

With Ziraa™'s official launch, over 45,000 people have experienced its healing power.

But stocks are now running low, and only expected to be replenished in the second half of the year.

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