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This Village Reveals How the World's Sharpest Seniors Thrive Independently

Gordon Bishop would always get standing ovations in his masterpiece performances. He was asked in a recent interview how he could perform so well even at 87 years old?

“It’s because my mind is always clear and ready. No matter what I do, I never slowdown even at my old age and it’s all because my family never gave up on me. Even when I forgot they were my family for years. But still, they did everything to make my life better.”

“This prize is a great comeback to my career. Their love paid off and I was able to get back up on my own feet. Now, I’m doing better than ever.”

- Gordon

Dr. Jacob Benson, a neurologist specialized in cognition, heard of his story, and wanted to know how Gordon got his memory back. So, Dr. Benson decided to visit Gordon’s family to find out more.

Gordon’s Lonely Past

Gordon’s son, Henry, told Dr. Benson his experience when his dad was unwell.

“At first we thought dad was just forgetful in his old age. But day by day, his condition was getting worse. He would forget to eat and would starve the whole day.”

“Dad even thought that we were strangers trespassing at home. But the worst of it was when he got lost while he was out. Luckily, he was found just a few hours later.”

“We brought dad to the doctor and was diagnosed with dementia. He went for many kinds of treatments and saw specialists. But even after he tried everything, nothing worked!”

“Dad didn’t want to go through this anymore, but we were afraid that something worse would happen to him. So, we moved to Lyons so that dad’s condition wouldn’t grow worse.”

Minty Fresh Start

“Soon after we moved to the village, he was actually getting better.”

“He wasn’t confused anymore, and began to remember us again.”

“And the most amazing thing happened.”

“He finally got back his lost memories.”

“It feels like I got my dad back after moving out here.”

– Henry Bishop

Dr. Benson suspected that there’s something in the village that cured Gordan. Many studies show old folks actually live longer and happier lives in Lyons. It’s become a famous retirement village for the elderly.

His investigations on the village led him to 90-year-old beekeeper, Bill Daly. Dr. Benson conducted an interview with him.

Lyons has been called ‘Peppermint Village’ since its founding over 200 years ago. It’s because of the huge number of wild peppermints.”

“We have so much of it that the whole village smells minty. It’s a tradition to use it in everything here from our food to perfumes”

“Our forefathers said that this peppermint was very special. They believed that it was the key to unlocking the power of the mind.”

“And true enough, even though this village has many elderly folks. We don’t have care homes for people with mental illnesses. All the folks here are happy and live life to the fullest!”

– Bill Daly

Dr. Benson couldn’t believe that this culture could help people with mental illnesses. But, after spending a week in the village, he was shocked.

“I could think much more clearly than before and remember things like I had photographic memory.”

“There must be a medical breakthrough waiting to happen.”

– Dr. Benson

Dr. Benson collected some peppermint leaves from the village and brought it back to his lab to conduct further analysis. What he found was amazing.

One Of A Kind Peppermint

The peppermint that grows in the village is special. It has high levels of menthone and monoterpenes, which are key in promoting cognitive tasks.

As we grow older, the risk of getting dementia increases because the number of synapses between brain cells decreases. This stops our brain cells from communicating with each other, leading to forgetfulness, change in behavior and bad decision making.

Eventually, severe cases of dementia lead to Alzheimer’s.

But peppermint stops and can even reverse the damage to brain cells by boosting levels of natural chemicals that increases brain cell activity. But this brain enhancing property is only found in the peppermint that grows in that village.

So, he decided to make this unique peppermint available for everyone.

Gordon’s Village In A Pocket

Dr. Benson created Cetia™.

“It uses concentrated oils extracted from its leaves to enhance the effects that peppermint has on the brain.”

“When applied on your temple or used in a diffuser the scent will trigger your body to produce neurotransmitters.”

“They are chemicals that increases neural activity to form new neural pathways.”

“Repairing the damage caused to brain cells because of age.”

“And establishing links to parts of your brain that was previously locked out.”

“This treatment has also proven to be effective for patients with PTSD, ADHD and agnosia.”

“During clinical tests, patients using Cetia™ had better focus and memory recollection.”

“Over 98% of patients show no sign of dementia after 4 weeks of treatment.”

– Dr. Benson

Lost Memories Return

One success story from the clinical trials is 58-year-old Brian Hodge, a patient who suffered long term memory loss.

“After a terrible car accident over a year ago, I had retrograde amnesia. I forgot my loving wife who has been with me for over 30 years. I didn’t even know who I was. Everything and everyone I knew was a stranger to me.”

“It was like I was living in a nightmare. I was about to give up hope until I was brought into Dr. Benson’s trial. It was unbelievable. The treatment actually worked! Bit by bit I could remember details about my life.”

“And after a few weeks, my lost memories returned. Thanks to Cetia™, I don’t have to live my life as a stranger!”

– Brian

“Dementia takes away people’s happiness. But all of that is now in the past. I hope that people’s souls will never be lost to this terrible illness.”

– Dr. Benson

Cetia™ Skyrockets In Popularity

Thousands of people have regained their lost lives since Cetia™ launched. It became a massive hit that everyone wants but there’s not enough supply of Lyons peppermint.

Production has stopped and there are only a few thousand bottles of Cetia™ left and supplies will only be restocked next year.

This is your chance to get it before it’s too late.

Don’t let your best memories fly by. With Cetia™, your memories will always be with you.